Turkish cuisine was represented by Chef Musa Dagdeviren in the 6th. International Conference on Food held by Culinary Institute of America, which is one the most respectable cuinary institutes of the world.

The conference and festival of 2003, having the main theme "Mediterranean Delights, Menus: Tasting the Future, was held on 6th.-8th. November in California.

This year among other countries from the Mediterranean basin chefs from Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey demonstrated their native cuisines. "Inspiring, 11 over 10" as described by Food Art, CIA's conference and festival of 2003 embraced more than 500 chefs, private restaurant and chain restaurant managers, food and beverage managers of hotels, food writers, wine producers, other experts on food culture as well as nearly 50 representatives of consumer and food media.

As a result of the Istanbul trip of Michael Coon, one of the establishers of the institute, Chef and owner of Ciya restaurants Mr. Musa Dagdeviren was named to represent Turkey in the so called event.

The aim of the Culinary Institute of America is stated as to initiate the American chefs, restaurant managers and American media to discover the less known richness of the cuisines which are potentially sources of inspiration for the American food culture. The executive committee of CIA puts it as "to increase the Mediterranean inspired American menus in terms of kinds of dishes as well as to share myriad ideas and tastes."

Culinary Institute of America established in 1946 carries its activities in a historical building situated in a very wide area in Napa valley of California. The institute had 500 students at the beginnig, today there are 145 chefs and about 2300 students.


The taste odysey in USA that Chef Musa Dagdeviren took the food lovers with him, started in New York with a special dinner which he prepared for media representatives and Turkish Cultural Attaché Mr. Levent Demirel. On 3rd. November 2003, Anya Von Brenzen of American Express organised a dinner where Chef Dagdeviren cooked and to which Turkish Cultural Attaché Mr. Levent Demirel, food writer Michael Batterberry and Melisa Clark, Salma Abdelnour of Food &Wined attended.

  • Bostana (tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mint, onion, garlic and pomegranate juice)

  • Zahter salatasi (sun dried green chili peppers and tomates, wallnuts, parsley, onion and fresh pomegranate seeds)

  • Dogme salatasi (cracked wheat, garlic, yoghurt)

  • Muhammara (red pepper paste with wallnuts)

  • Visneli Kofte (minced meat, sun dried sour cherries, pearl onion, red pepper paste)

  • Perde Pilavi (rice with chicken meat wrapped in dough)

  • Bulgurlu Yaprak sarmasi (Grape leaves stuffed with bulgur)

  • Melengic tapuslamasi (wheat flour, young sprouts of terebinth, olive oil)

  • Ceviz, kabak, patlican tatlilari (fruit desserts, namely wallnut, pumpkin and eggplant)

A selection of Turkish wines and sumac sherbet were served during this dinner.

Following this event in New York, Chef Musa Dagdeviren went to California to contribute and attend the 6th. International World Tastes Conference and Festival organised by Culinary Institute of America.

During the festival, chefs representing various countries, demonstrated the chefs and students of CIA how to cook and serve the selected dishes of their very own cultures. In the conference part of the event, speakers representing the attending countries gave their informative speeches about their countries while the listeners tasted the dishes of the representative chefs.

During the 3 days festival which was very hectic, as the representative of Turkey Chef Musa Dagdeviren prepared and cooked delights of Mediterranean, which are facing the danger of to be forgotten even in their original land, to be tasted by the attendants of the event. The dishes that Chef Dagdeviren cooked were all very impresive for both the chefs and the students of CIA since they had the chance to taste new delights from Turkey as well as to have the opportunity to think how enriched the menus of Mediterranean food serving restaurants will be if these dishes will be added. From this point of view, Chef Dagdeviren's demonstrations were perceived as lectures.

Here is the list of the dishes, apetizers, salads, drinks and desserts cooked and demonstared to the attendants of the event:

  • Alaca corba
  • Haspirli patates
  • Soganli kebap
  • Tuzlu yogurt kavurmasi
  • Eksili kebap
  • Bezirgan kebap
  • Yaz lahmacunu (sarmisakli)
  • Kis lahmacunu (soganli)
  • Kilis kebap
  • Melengisli ekmek
  • Sakizli ekmek
  • Mahlepli patates ekmegi
  • Tahinli patates
  • Sogan piyazi
  • Topik
  • Karga beyni
  • Perde pilavi
  • Babahannus
  • Kimyonlu biberli as
  • Kapama pilavi
  • Acuka
  • Cemen
  • Ezme
  • Zahter salatasi
  • Muhammara
  • Balli kavut
  • Tuzlu kavut
  • Teleme (sutlu incir)
  • Katmer
  • Kaynar
  • Bezirgan kebabi
  • Kaya korugu
  • Patlican tatlisi
  • Ceviz tatlisi
  • Kabak tatlisi

The 3 days event was a different meeting of Turkish cuisine with American chefs.


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